Selling digital music and videos in the European Union (EU) opens up a vast market for creators and distributors outside the EU. However, the VAT (Value Added Tax) implications can be complex. This article explores the VAT requirements for selling digital music and videos in the EU and offers strategies to manage these obligations effectively.

🎵 Understanding VAT on Digital Music and Videos

The EU treats digital music and video sales as electronic services, subjecting them to VAT. Like eBooks, the VAT rates for these services vary across member states, making it essential for sellers to understand and apply the correct rates.

📝 Requirements for Selling Digital Music and Videos in the EU

Following our comprehensive guide to selling digital services in Europe, and building on the specifics discussed in our article on selling eBooks, here are the key considerations for selling digital music and videos:

  • OSS Registration: Registering for the OSS simplifies VAT handling by allowing you to submit a single quarterly VAT return for all sales to EU consumers.
  • Adhering to Local VAT Rates: Ensure you apply the correct VAT rate for the consumer’s country of residence.
  • Compliant Invoicing: Your invoices must meet the local VAT requirements, indicating the applied VAT rate.

💡 Strategies for Optimizing Your Digital Music and Video Sales

  • Stay Informed on VAT Rates: Keep up-to-date with the varying VAT rates in different EU countries to set competitive and compliant prices.
  • Utilize the OSS: Reduce administrative burdens and streamline your VAT obligations across the EU.
  • Monitor Regulatory Changes: The digital market and VAT regulations in the EU are evolving. Regularly update your knowledge to stay compliant.

🔗 Linking to Previous Articles

For a broader understanding of VAT implications when selling digital services in the EU, refer to our main guide. Additionally, our article on selling eBooks provides valuable insights into handling VAT for digital content, which is also applicable to music and video sales.


Entering the EU market with digital music and video content offers significant opportunities but requires careful navigation of VAT regulations. By understanding these requirements and leveraging tools like the OSS, you can ensure compliance, optimize your pricing strategy, and successfully expand your digital offerings in the EU.

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